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My name is Dennis Schmidt and I will provide you with the latest updates on casino promotions with small deposit amounts. I made my first experiences with online-casinos back in 2004.

At this time there were much more limitations on how to play online. Neither was Greentube available, nor was it possible to play on mobile devices. But I had a lot of fun playing Playtech and MicroGaming slots with real money.

Dennis Schmidt

Since that time I always tried to get the casino bonus offers with the most value. Thereby it was possible to stake much higher amounts without depositing a lot of my own money.

I realized that other players with low budget are interested in exactly the same promotions. That's why I started to share my experience on this website.

Basically my focus is on online-casinos that provide high-class slots like those from Greentube and NetEnt. As I don't like playing those old-fashioned reel-machines, I will not recommend them to the visitors aswell.

Since a while ago I mostly play on mobile (as a proud owner of an iphone :-)). If the provider offers an app, it's a lot better experience than visiting the regular site. That's why I give you details on the availability of the games for smartphones and tablets with regular updates on that matter. Those of you who are interested in casino bonus for mobile will find a lot of interesting stuff here on!

Hint: All videos posted on this site are also available on my Vimeo Channel. You are able to comment on those, so please share your thoughts. (You have to be logged in on to post comments.)

I hope you enjoy reading the reviews and promotions on the individual pages - if you have any question e.g. on the minimum amount that needs to be deposited on any casino, please get in touch.

! Sincerely, Dennis Schmidt